Monday, January 18, 2010

I got grounded (from the scooter)

We had a semi-warm day today. We have had cold, yucky weather (see the annoying snow piles behind me?) and today it was sunny and not freezing. We spent a little bit of time outside, I wanted to try out the scooter.
My person grounded me from the scooter when she caught me doing this: Good thing she missed the jump or I might really be in trouble!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!

Early this morning I woke up and looked out my window and saw snow. This snow was so sparkly & fluffy. I could see all the individual snowflakes. My person said I could go outside, but made my wear this:
Yep, a Husky dog threw up a flower patch and made my coat. It was so cold, but I had so much fun. I threw snowballs at the guy next store who was trying to shovel his walks. He had on one of those hats that you see in Russia with big furry things over his ears so "whump" I hit him in the back of his head and had time to hurry and hide (it's easy to do when you are only 18" tall). It was so worth the punishment of having to shovel all of our walks. Then I made a snow fort, a snowman, and snowballs for a snowball fight later on.

I finally got cold, came inside snuggled in a soft blankie, grabbed some hot cocoa and settled down to read my book (Can you see the Cosmo hidden inside of it? Hee hee). Hope your snow day is as fun as mine.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Playing Goldilocks

This is my current sleeping situation. I think the sleeping bag is so groovy, but I'm getting tired of the floor. My person says we are getting ready to move and I need to pick a bed.
This one has a nice headboard I can lean against it to read my banned Cosmopolitans mags, my person said we could order new bedding for this. I've been looking at Miley Cyrus prints J/K would not be caught dead in a Hannah Montana bed-gag. Maybe skulls or flowers? OOh dots?

This room is huge, but I would have to share it since the bed folds out to two beds. Some chic named Lanie who looks a lot like me (not as much as Corde does) if a was a morphed with a Barbie is coming to live here eventually.

This is like a cozy little box, I love the red stripes.

"Pardon me, do you have an Grey Poupon?" This bed is pretty, but I kind of feel like a little princess (which I am reading by the way, I will tell you all about it later).

Whoa , that princess bed was nothing like this one. This is her majesty's digs. The only problem with this one is that it is so big, it will only be brought into the house on special occasions (umm me getting my beauty sleep is a special occasion).

How to decide? Do I want my very own room? Do I want to pretend I live in a hotel and I can time travel to different rooms? What would you do?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution

My person says I should make a New Year's Resolution. I wanted my resolution to be to keep caught up on the Hollywood gossip, watch every episode of Project Runway, and see how many tootsie rolls I could eat before I threw up. My person said no. She said I need to stop saying "freaking" before everything. She says it sounds too much like I'm trying to say some really bad words (hello, like I would say those). She suggests I expand my use of adjectives. I asked if fricking would be OK and she said "no same problem as before". I guess she was frustrated with me because a stupid thesaurus showed up in my bedroom (not my bedroom yet, I'm still in a freaking sleeping bag). So Giddy Fresh 365 day duration to you!
(by the way this is me dressed in my unhinged stupendous skating coat. It was bought from a grey market seller and the scarf was lovingly made by a wonderful lady from Canada (a totally different country!). Those Canadians sure know how to make a phenomenal scarf!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet Cordelia

It's about freaking time I was taken out of that stupid box. Hello, hair net head could not be tolerated anymore, a girl has got to look her best. My name is Cordelia Dee, I was named after my person's friend's doll whose name is Cordelia, but goes by Corde. I look a lot like her, but she has bigger thighs. I got the "Dee" part because in several languages 2 starts with the letter "d" like dos, deux, dwa, dva etc.

Here is a picture of me straight out of my box.

I was in that outfit for who knows how long, I need a bath. Avert your eyes please! If you cannot, then would you please scrub my back? Oh yeah right there. One more question, where is a girl suppose to umm, go?

Bigger mirror, I need a bigger mirror, and a fluffier robe

I am all scrubbed and ready for a cup of hot chocolate. Time to start getting settled in my new home. Hope you have fun joining me on my adventures.