Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lily and I had plastic surgery!

I know before you start getting all huffy about the vanity, risks, and costs associated with plastic surgery let me explain. My good friend Lily and I were suffering from the disease called "Mattel is too cheap to put our heads on straight so we are stuck looking at the floor" itis. It can get very tedious looking at everyone's shoes all day (except if you wearing chucks, then I could look all day!) Anyway here is Lily before, she had it really bad

This is me before, mine is not as bad. We were asleep during the whole procedure and did not feel a thing.

Here we are now, completely cured!
What would you change about your looks?


  1. We would love to come visit your room .. and help you hang twilight posters .. I so love twilight and we have a Renezmyee here and an Alice in the works .. your surgery looks like it worked well .. we have had to have that done on a couple of us too ..

    Ta Ta,

  2. One of my dolls recently had a sort of plastic surgery. Laurel had a dreadful case of velcro induced dreadlocks. She was asleep for the five hour procedure of dreadlock removal. Check out Jess's blog on my website: http://web.me.com/spazz0209/Falawk_Dolls/Through_Jesss_Eyes/Through_Jesss_Eyes.html

  3. How was the surgery preformed? My sister could use that surgery. Though, I think, I prefer her never looking up!

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  5. Ha, I hope you all have a speedy recovery.