Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet Cordelia

It's about freaking time I was taken out of that stupid box. Hello, hair net head could not be tolerated anymore, a girl has got to look her best. My name is Cordelia Dee, I was named after my person's friend's doll whose name is Cordelia, but goes by Corde. I look a lot like her, but she has bigger thighs. I got the "Dee" part because in several languages 2 starts with the letter "d" like dos, deux, dwa, dva etc.

Here is a picture of me straight out of my box.

I was in that outfit for who knows how long, I need a bath. Avert your eyes please! If you cannot, then would you please scrub my back? Oh yeah right there. One more question, where is a girl suppose to umm, go?

Bigger mirror, I need a bigger mirror, and a fluffier robe

I am all scrubbed and ready for a cup of hot chocolate. Time to start getting settled in my new home. Hope you have fun joining me on my adventures.

1 comment:

  1. You have a pretty house! Where did you get the table, fridge and mirror! You are awesome, I read your blog all the time!!